Agent: Heather Flaherty

Hope Cook

Hope Cook has spent most of her life with her head in the clouds, generally ignoring the very practical advice of her accountant father. A near-nomadic childhood meant that books and films were the best place to escape for flights of fancy and the imagining of spectacular things.

After a 6 year detour in academia studying literature and art history, she now imagines things in a slightly more professional capacity, writing speculative YA and pestering her long-suffering husband to read a slightly different version of that scene he’s already read twice. He puts up with this because he is a Good Man.

She hates driving, loves Buffy and Lord of the Rings, de-stresses with video games, and forgets to eat when she’s writing.

She lives in Edmonton, Canada with her Good Man and their finicky chihuahua. 

She has not outgrown the suspicion that her stuffed animals are alive.