Agent: Nicola Barr

J.B. Morrison

Born in London ages ago to his two parents, Frank and Jenny, J.B. Morrison is a musician and already the author of two novels - STORAGE STORIES and DRIVING JARVIS HAM. GOODNIGHT JIM BOB is an autobiographical account of his ten years as singer with punk-pop band, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine.

With Carter USM, J. B. Morrison had 14 top 40 singles and a number one album. He played all over the world, headlined Glastonbury, and was sued by The Rolling Stones. He's also made a ton of solo albums and written the screenplay for a film. Plus he was in a musical in 2010 at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Is there no end to his talents? Yes. Everything not mentioned here. Don't ask him to put up a shelf or cook you dinner. The shelf will fall off the wall and you won't like the food.